Vintage Waste Systems, Inc.
is a family owned and operated refuse hauler. Owned and operated by the Metcalf family and based out of Mound, MN.
ITW Polymer Technologies
is a grouping of ITW business units that focus on providing solutions to customers who use polymer materials.
Famous Dave’s Restaurants
We helped introduce the first restaurant in Hayward, the second in Linden Hills and up until the reached 75 stores operated as their agency… they got too big for us.
Famous Dave’s Retail Products
When you create award-winning products based on the World’s Greatest Barbeque… it’s a natural to sell it retail.
ITW Insulcast
Package design proceeds collateral production and consistency is essential if product identification is to be expected… epoxy resin product literature can look elegant.
ITW Resin Technologies
Located in Montgomeryville, PA, they create polymer grouts, coatings, adhesives and repair compounds to industrial, marine and commercial markets… they needed a brochure, ads and a website.
David W. Anderson
He’s a co-founder of Grand Casino’s and Rainforest Cafe, started the nations best BBQ franchise and has helped thousands to be the best they can be… he’s become a great friend.
ITW American Safety Technologies Some products have a history in and of themselves—almost everyone has seen it in use, some even become legendary… they make for fun ads.
Chockfast Epoxy grouting systems have been specifically engineered to provide the optimal performance and reliability for use under critically aligned equipment… we create marketing materials used around the world.
Zanite Polymer Composite
Zanite polymer composite is a formulated composite material designed for casting machine bases and other structural components. It is a combination of epoxy, quartz aggregate and selected additives.
TOSS Technologies
Toss Machine Components can provide you with perfect heat seals every time with a control system that is custom designed for you. Whether you are designing a new sealing or packaging machine or retooling an existing one, Toss can provide the solution. Save time and cost with Technology.
Packworld USA
9 Steps to Heat Sealing Perfection is a booklet created to inform companies on acheiving validatable results… we create a way to get it into the hands of potential customers.
Grand Pines Resorts
Northern Wisconsin is a great place to own a resort. It’s a know fact there are a lot of resorts in Northern Wisconsin… this is one of the best.
Mold Shield's Nanotechnology has a proven history of safe and effective use, is non-poisonous, non-heavy metal based and guaranteed to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, mildew, algae and fungus on the coating surface.
Visual Adventures
Join professional photographer Tim Steinberg for a scheduled expedition or customize a trip just for you... See the wilderness of Alaska on an all inclusive painting or photo adventure.
The LifeSkills Center
for Leadership
Non-profit organizations can sometimes come back to bite you. However, more often than not they are headed by sincere businessmen… they give more than they take.
Tuesday Morning
Sometimes an agency finds it more economical to hire a small company to produce their creative… we create hundreds of national ads per month.
Vermeulen Law Office
As in any successful relationship, a good lawyer/client relationship involves cooperation on both sides… we help their clients understand.
Clients present ideas—most of those ideas revolve around the need to communicate real value to potential customers and investors… they can’t afford to be cute.
American MedTech
Start up companies often have great products—but, most often can’t afford the overhead of marketing manager worth their weight… they need quality communication.
Brennen Medical
Referrals are similar to testimonials except they’re more personal, like finding a long lost friend, less small talk—more effective work… referrals are great for business.
Digital Biometrics
New product introduction happens on the distributor level, you get one chance to show your stuff, so it had better look great… not just good.
What is a vacation? Five intense days of photography, coupled with meeting the President of the Trust Fund Committee… makes for international business.
The Institute for Professional Sales Careers
Some clients have products which are basically knock-offs of national brands—they’re “branded”. A patent changes everything… it makes an IPO inevitable.
La Pura Jungla
Satellite communication is necessary if the client is 10 kilometers from the nearest land line and has to take part in weekly status meetings… at $1.37/min it’s cheaper than airfare.
Point2Point Airways represents a new, faster-better-cheaper way of getting from here to there… we help them get the message out to businesses.
Merita-Nordbanken Group
Finland is a great country—they brought us the sauna, create fantastic furniture and art, and lead the world in e-banking… they pay us via ACH.
Morgan Safety Products
British Limited Partnership own a number of US corporations. And, Morgan Crucible plc. owns 150 world-wide—one of them is Morgan Safety… they are a US client.
It’s nice to know when you consistently produce quality work for a client and they accept a position for a new company… new business follows.
Safe T Bar Inc.
a safety product that won’t let you down. Quality grab bars for your home or business.
Many marketing experts have the ability to create a blueprint for communication strategy… it takes a group of experience graphic designers to put the image on paper.
Tremolino Boat Company
Twenty-five years ago John Olin created the Tremolino and we handled his advertising. John died… we have been hired to keep his namesake in front of his loyal following.
Unitron Hearing
is committed to making life better for people with hearing loss.
Being in on the ground floor of an emerging technology has its benefits. Creating logos,image ads, trade show booths… all part of the road to an IPO.
Roseville Bakery
Fresh baked breads, buns, donuts, pastry, cakes, cookies and more.
Travel Photos

Having traveled throughout Europe and beyond for the past 9 years, I encountered little culture shock. People in general want the same kinds of things in life. However, when I decided to take out my Nokia 3650 cell phone to take a few digital images, I found...

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Pictures taken from my trips to various locations in Europe
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