We're a small shop located in Golden Valley, MN with over 40 years of graphic design and production knowledge gained by working for some of the Twin Cities top creative. Over the years, we have done projects for start-up companies such as CIMA Labs, Famous Dave's and Wam!Net helping developing logos, brochures and venture capital road shows.

Our clients are well schooled in marketing and have a very good idea of their customer needs. They utilize our services more like an in-house advertising agency to create retail packaging, trade show displays and design brochures and websites. Basically, we help our clients communicate with their customer (whether it be someone looking for the World's Greatest Ribs or an Epoxy Floor Coating System) thru a variety of media.

Our creative is clean and gets to the point without a lot of "creative hours" getting in the way... we listen to our clients and work to find solutions to their communication needs and design pieces to get their point across. Simple Communication is our goal.

President, Como Consortium Ltd.

Travel Photos

Having traveled throughout Europe and beyond for the past 9 years, I encountered little culture shock. People in general want the same kinds of things in life. However, when I decided to take out my Nokia 3650 cell phone to take a few digital images, I found...

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Pictures taken from my trips to various locations in Europe
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