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Como Consortium Ltd. - A simple communication service for business-to-business, retail and restaurant owners and managers who want use the Internet, print collateral, direct mail, paid media and other types of marketing tools to reach existing and future customers… and, get it done at a reasonable cost.

Working with Como Consortium Ltd.

Marketing a product is not easy… whether you own an ad agency and need temporary help or are a company wanting to market your product, the consortium has the ability to help solve the problem. For 25 years, the consortium has been helping reduce the cost of advertising for clients through out the world. There are many reasons why it makes sense to utilize their services, the seven listed below illustrate the main benefits to the person signing the check.

1) No Overhead Burden
The perfect solution to getting quality marketing materials is to utilize the consortium’s freelance talent instead of hiring another employee. Even quality ad agencies have taken advantage of arguably the best creative talent available in the Midwest; put them on your team only when the need arises. You no longer pay into Social Security, Workers Comp, Health/Dental Benefits, 401’s and the like… consortium expense, not yours.

2) Seasoned Veterans with Experience
The consortium has been on the ground floor of start-up companies, many of which have gone public. Companies like CIMA Labs, Famous Dave’s, Point-to-Point Airways, Gain Inc. and Wam!Net all needed logos, brochures and venture capital road shows… they didn’t need a full-service agency to satisfy their needs, just good communication.

3) High End Creative
Access creative talent such as the former Group Creative Director, Carmichael Lynch, or a 10 year veteran Copywriter for Fallon Worldwide, or maybe a retired Owner/Creative Director of Martin-Williams. These people have Addys, Gold Lions, Gold and Silver Pencils, and even an Effie or two... a level of talent you really don’t need on the payroll, just in your back pocket.

4) Expert Print Production
Keeping outside costs under control can be made or broken in production; deadlines, overruns and the like can wreak havoc on a marketing budget. It makes good business sense to exploit 30 years of production and graphic design knowledge combined with a solid network of reliable, economic vendors… and get the most dollar value.

5) Reassure Our Clients
The big agency for many companies is slowly being replaced by free-lancers who have set out on their own to ply their trade. Companies know how expensive it is to market a product and are aware an experienced group of professionals give them the best chance to make an impression on consumers… and the bottom line.

6) Anonymous Staff
If you are an agency needing some help, you can be assured the consortium is working in your best interests and under your direction at all times. With talent who has designed and/or produced work for agencies such as Fallon Worldwide, Pidgin Productions, BBDO, Martin-Williams, the Falls Agency, Pete Smith Advertising and the Kauffman Marketing Group… you’ll represented by a seasoned group of pros.

7) Centrally Located
Being located in Golden Valley, MN - it’s a short 37 minute drive to anywhere within the Twin Cities metro area. Broadband internet allows us to serve other clients located in cities such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Moscow, Russia - Beijing, China... as well as Montgomeryville & Nazareth, PA - Roseland, NJ - and Hermosa Beach, CA to name a few.

In Addition, When You Only Need Graphic Production
Many of the consortium’s clients are well schooled in marketing and have a very good idea of their needs. They utilize consortium services more like an in-house graphic production department to create retail packaging, trade show displays and design brochures and web sites. Basically, the consortium helps clients communicate with their customer (whether it be someone looking for the World’s Greatest Ribs or an Epoxy Floor Coating System) thru a variety of media.

Como Consortium Ltd. communication is clean and gets to the point by listening to clients, finding solutions to their communication needs and designing pieces to get their point across. When needed the consortium helps you assemble a creative team second to none… a very cost efficient solution to collateral and advertising production.

My name is Lance Como and I created the consortium to take away your pain, not add to it… Simple Communication is My Goal.

Remuneration is based on a project-by-projects basis… not a part of your overhead.

Consortium Production Capabilities:

Printing and Production
Businesses of all types come to Como Consortium Ltd.
for their printing and production needs...

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Web Design
Our web design team can develop or update your website
to suit your company’s needs and deliver clear messages
to generate a response...
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Our Clients
We work for clients who understand experience is key to value.
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